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UCard Office
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This document is meant to provide information to the University of Utah community regarding the use of the UCard identification card, including the rules governing issuance and refund of monies that may be placed on individual identification cards. Receipt or use of an identification card from the UCard Office indicates the cardholders’ acceptance of the following terms, conditions and guidelines. Be advised that these terms, conditions and guidelines are subject to change.


Terms, conditions and guidelines:

The UCard is the official campus identification card for all University of Utah students, faculty and staff. The UCard is recommended for all active members of the University of Utah community. Use and acceptance of the UCard indicates agreement to the terms and conditions that govern its use.

The UCard is the property of the University of Utah. The University of Utah, in its sole discretion, may confiscate the UCard for any reason, such as violations of University of Utah policies and procedures, or graduation or other separation from the University of Utah. Any balance remaining in an account associated with a confiscated UCard may be refunded upon request according to University of Utah policies.

UCard use:

  1. Rights and privileges associated with the UCard are non-transferable.
  2. Rights and privileges associated with the UCard are contingent upon active status as a student, faculty or staff member of the University of Utah.
  3. The University of Utah may require that the UCard be presented to a University of Utah official when University of Utah services are being requested.
  4. Photo images and data captured for the identification card become part of a UCardholder’s educational record and may be used for official University of Utah business.
  5. The UCard holder is responsible for reporting lost or stolen cards in a timely fashion.
  6. The UCard holder is responsible for maintaining adequate security relating to the use and services associated with the UCard.
  7. Individuals affiliated with the University of Utah who are not students, faculty or full-time staff may be issued a UCard if requested in writing by an appropriate department and approved by the UCard department as permitted by the policies and procedures of the University. Such individuals must pay for the card ($20, subject to change) unless the authorizing department agrees to do so.
  8. All persons requesting a UCard must present a valid form of photo ID, (Driver's License, Passport, official ID from another College or University, High School ID, State ID) and digitally sign for the UCard at time of printing.
  9. When being photographed for the UCard, UCard holders will not be allowed to wear any article of clothing or eyewear that, in the judgment of the carding staff, will obscure his/her physical features.
  10. UCards that have been surrendered or turned into the UCard Office, with or without UCash balances, will be destroyed.

Replacement cards & photos:

  1. An eligible UCard holder is issued the first UCard at no charge. Subsequent UCards issued to the same cardholder will be considered replacement cards and a fee will be charged, unless the card becomes inoperable through defect or extensive use.
  2. The UCard replacement fee is $20.00 and is payable at the time of replacement. This fee is subject to change without prior notice.
  3. UCard holders will be required to present a photo ID when requesting a replacement card.
  4. Meal plan and UCash balances, if any, will be restored when a new card is issued.
  5. Stolen cards will be replaced at no charge if a copy of the Campus Police report is presented.


  1. Members of the University community, who have obtained an identification card from the UCard office, are allowed to place money on the card. This money, referred to as UCash, can be used throughout the campus for various purposes. The UCard is not a credit card.
  2. UCash should be treated as cash and kept secure at all times. Neither the University nor UCard Office is liable for any money used on a lost or stolen card.
  3. UCash balances do not earn interest, and are not insured by the FDIC or any federal, state or private entity.

Refunds of UCash:

UCash balances may be refunded as follows:

  1. The UCard Office has a $500.00 maximum refund policy per calendar year.
  2. All deposits to your UCard made with a credit card will be credited back onto the credit card.
  3. Any UCard holder may request a UCash refund online by filling out the Cardholder Withdrawal Request form.
  4. Refund requests which require a special check to be issued will be assessed a $12 processing fee. The UCard office will be happy to reverse any transaction the same business day.
  5. If the card is damaged, a new card will be issued and all balances and privileges will transfer to the new card. The damaged card must be relinquished to the UCard office.
  6. If the card is lost or stolen, you can notify the UCard office and they will deactivate the lost or stolen card, or you can Deactivate it yourself by clicking on My UCard Account at www.ucard.utah.edu and UCash balances and card privileges will transfer to the replacement card when received. The old card must be relinquished to the UCard office if found.

Unclaimed UCash balances:

UCash funds with no activity for two and a half years will be considered abandoned.

Removal Amount

Processing Fee

Refund Method

$0.01 -$100.00



$100.01 - $200.00



$200.01 -$300.00







Limitation of Liability:

Absent gross negligence and bad faith, the University shall not be liable for damages relating to the UCard or UCash. If events occur which are beyond the University’s control that affect usage of the UCard, and in particular, UCash, the University will work to remedy any such problem. If, for any reason, the University is found liable, recovery will be limited solely to actual damages, even if the University was aware of the possibility of such damages.



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