UCard Department Fee Information:


Lost or damaged card


Hospital department title change


Department copy card, visitor access card, contractor card, public patron printing card


Stolen card (bring police report)


Blackboard Fees

Fees support Blackboard yearly software costs. Software costs, defined by Blackboard, are based on the number of cardholders using the system, type of hardware and server maintenance.

Technical Service Calls, $50.00 per hour

Monthly Access Fee (based on device)

Activity Reader, $47.26 per month per device

POS Register, $85.44 per month per device

SA Door Reader, $36.10 per month per device

Copy Reader, $29.70 per month per device

Vending Reader, $27.48 per month per device

Transactions are paid to departments on the 1st and 15th each month through an e-journal entry.

Setup questions, Ron.Wells@ucard.utah.edu 801.585.3285

Billing questions, Bryon.Buchmiller@ucard.utah.edu 801.585.1431

Uniprint (Pharos)

System Access 0.02 per print

The hourly business contract rates for Blackboard system vendors:

Arco Electric (Blackboard System)



*Fees incurred, including necessary parts, will be passed directly on to the department for which the repairs are being performed.

Chartfields provided will be used for monthly billing and repairs. Departments wishing to use a chartfield for monthly billing and a separate chartfield for repairs, please notify Bryon Buchmiller by email.

Billing will be itemized by building or departments within a building. Fees are subject to change per yearly review and evaluation.

Billing questions, Bryon.Buchmiller@ucard.utah.edu 801.585.1431


Questions, Ryan.Fletcher@ucard.utah.edu 801.581.3343

*All pricing subject to change.



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